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Mitt Swallows a Mouse

Can you believe he said that? I can’t. “A $10,000 bet?” My God. Mitt Romney’s unforced faux pas at last night’s debate in Iowa  hurt. It really hurt. Playing into the rich-kid image isn’t the deadly part, it’s the amount of time it will take Mr. Romney to recover from the off-handed remark. A bad […]

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Remember Kathleen Willey (UPDATED)

The American Left looked the other way when Bill Clinton molested a 21-year-old intern in the Oval Office. They cheered when he systematically assassinated her character — and the characters of fellow accusers Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey.  It was morally wrong to do what they did. Just as it is morally wrong now for conservatives […]

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Doltish Debt Depictions

Ronald Reagan famously described in 1980 how the national debt, if stacked in dollar bills, would extend almost to the moon.  I remember watching him say it on television and thinking “my God.” It made quite an impression, not just on me, but on the country. People spoke about that visual for the rest of […]

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