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Pondering the Death Penalty

I used to be against the death penalty.  Then I read the transcript of the torture and murder of a teenage girl by two men in the 1980’s.  They audiotaped their barbarity for kicks, taking turns in the back of a van doing things so cruel that I had to stop reading about them.  It […]

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A Case that Cries for the Death Penalty

New York needs the death penalty back for cases like the one we read about today involving a murdered and mutilated eight-year-old boy in Brooklyn. The animal who did this needs to disappear. Innocent people tragically have been put to death because of faulty trials, which gives any death penalty advocate pause, but in a case […]

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Rick Perry cometh. The brash Texan – who ignored President Obama and his old boss, George W. Bush, in executing a Mexican national last night for rape and murder – just filed a federal campaign committee, or at least his supporters did, National Journal reports this morning. Last night’s execution is ironic, as then Governor Bush […]

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