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Run, Alec, Run!

Alec Baldwin is at it again. The Hollywood hothead is thinking of running for mayor of New York for the nth time. This time Baldwin’s considerations are for real, though, “very real” his brother Billy Baldwin assured CNN this week. There’s just that temperament thing to consider. But “let me remind you that John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are quite the same,” the younger Baldwin explained […]

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Frasier for Senate II

The guy does have a nice style — and a bit of a populist streak if this video is any indication. Kelsey Grammer for U.S  Senate 2012.  It really may be worth a look. 

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Frasier for Senate?

Celebrity Republican Kelsey Grammer is reportedly looking at a run for Mayor of New York City.  I don’t buy it.  I bet he’s looking at U.S. Senate. If he’s serious about running, he has to be looking at the 2012 Senate race. It makes a lot more sense.  Running as a Republican statewide, while extremely challenging, is […]

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