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Leave Panetta Alone

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is under fire for the expense of his weekend trips from Washington, DC to his home in California. They have totaled in excess of $800,000. Mr. Panetta is from California.  His family lives there.  And as Defense Secretary, is he required to travel on military jets where he has full access to military […]

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Is Panetta Playing Good Cop Bad Cop?

One hopes the Obama Administration is paired with Israel in a game of good-cop-bad-cop against Iran. That’s the only thing that would make sense after reading of the latest Administration admonitions to Israel on that nation’s plans to take out Iranian nuclear-weapon facilities. Iran has not only promised to develop a weapon as soon as possible, it has vowed to […]

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Thinking Ahead on Ron Paul

Thinking aloud. If Leon Panetta meant what he said in his interview with CBS’s Scott Paley on Tuesday — I can’t believe Panetta’s remarks weren’t the lead story in every newspaper in America Wednesday — the United States and Israel will be at war with Iran and its transnational surrogate Hezbollah by the autumn of […]

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