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Time to Learn About Life, Grads

There’s a stack of resumes on my desk almost an inch thick. I no longer know what to do with them. They are from young people — recent college graduates mostly — willing to work for next to nothing. Many have offered to work for free. And I can’t help them. For a time, I […]

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Newsday Column: US Must Face Debt

There’s an unopened credit card bill on my kitchen counter that I am trying not to think about. It’s been sitting there for days. There are three dental visits on it, a half-dozen trips to the gas station, a couple of boneheaded, “don’t-worry-I’ve-got-it” restaurant tabs, and at least two dozen other charges, half of which […]

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Newsday Westchester Column

Just a quick note to thank you for enduring — and helping grow — this site. A bit of good news for me¬†personally, which comes only as a result of your loyalty: I will be penning a twice-weekly column for Newsday beginning today as part of the media company’s expansion into Westchester, Rockland, and the […]

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