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What’s Pericles Got to Do with It?

Nicholas Kristof files his latest defense of Keynesian economics from Athens, which is published in today’s New York Times. He is beginning to sound like — hold your ears — Paul Krugman. Mr. Kristoff argues in the very same space that Greek society is structurally broken and corrupt, and that its government should pour massive amounts of borrowed […]

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You’re All Fools!

My wife watches Jon Stewart every night. It’s payback for, well, a lot of things. She mercifully tapes the show so she can watch it around me, generally while I’m punching out a last item for this page in an office off our bedroom. But I can hear the guy. His voice cuts through the […]

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Tyrannically Extreme Radicals and Fanatics to Trim U.S. Borrowing by 7%

Added perspective on the debt ceiling deal emerging in Washington:  If, indeed, a compromise is reached tomorrow to “cut” $3 trillion over the next 10 years — that is to trim the amount we are borrowing over the next decade by $3 trillion — the national debt in 2020 will be $21 trillion rather than $24 trillion, about […]

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