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Perry ThisClose

Politico is reporting that Texas Governor Rick Perry will all but announce his candidacy for President in South Carolina on Saturday.  The fact that he’s planning to run isn’t exactly a secret, but lots of candidates get right to the edge of the pool and never jump in.  This suggests he’s already in mid-air.  The interesting thing to watch over the next […]

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The Bachmann Headache

Starkly different reactions out of the Romney and Pawlenty camps on Michele Bachmann’s reported migraine attacks reflect not so much the opinions or character of those two candidates, but their very different position in the polls. Pawlenty has said it is an issue — although he’s now half- walking it back — and Romney has […]

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Rick Perry cometh. The brash Texan – who ignored President Obama and his old boss, George W. Bush, in executing a Mexican national last night for rape and murder – just filed a federal campaign committee, or at least his supporters did, National Journal reports this morning. Last night’s execution is ironic, as then Governor Bush […]

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