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Thank You, MSM

The so-called mainstream media (especially Politico) got beaten up in recent weeks up by some conservative media types for picking on Herman Cain.  Now it looks like the MSM did those conservatives a favor by thoroughly parsing — as they are supposed to do — the fire-brand Republican presidential candidate.   With last night’s credible claim by […]

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Politico v. The White House

The White House is continuing to deny that Vice President Joe Biden used the word “terrorist” to describe American Tea Party members. The story was broken by Politico, as professional a political news outfit as one can find anywhere, which had it from three separate sources who had been in the room with Biden that, […]

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Obama in Major Trouble

There is a 2,800-word bombshell story in Politico this morning outlining the depth and multitude of challenges President Obama’s re-election team is facing. These pages have touched several times over the months on this, particularly how the state-by-state nature of presidential contests lines up against President Obama in November 2012.  In short, Obama is in big trouble, […]

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