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Quote of the Day, Rich Lowry

“No one writing a political science textbook would ever recommend running a campaign the way Santorum does–on gut instinct and without ever delivering a speech that is written down. What he loses in crispness by this approach he gains in sincerity.” — Rich Lowry, 02-08-12

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Who Put Him in Charge?

What odious mental malady convinces some people that they have a say over what the rest of us do? A certain sub-segment of the population has it.  You can begin spotting them in around fourth or fifth grade when they start using words like “let’s.”  By high school, they are yearbook editor; by adulthood they chair […]

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Making Lemons Out Of Lemonade

Inflexible town officials and law enforcement officials around the country have found a new target to bully this summer:  Children illegally operating lemonade stands, according to a piece by National Review editor Rich Lowry in The New York Post today. The law is the law, these buzz killers say. In one case, an official demanded on the […]

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