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Waterloo, Wisconsin

Public employee unions in America met their Waterloo in Wisconsin last night.  After spending millions of dollars and thousands of man hours trying to topple six Republican state senators and regain the Senate majority in the Madison statehouse, the union recall effort fell dramatically short. Republicans held four of six seats, and with them, a majority in […]

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Walker’s Beneficent Revenge

Remember all those teachers protesting inside and outside Wisconsin’s state capital in February and March?  The ones who painted Governor Scott Walker as a knuckle-dragging, teacher-hating neanderthal? Well, it seems Walker’s Article 10 budget plan is now in effect, and it is saving teachers their jobs — just as he said it would. By making small concessions like a $10 […]

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New York as a Role Model?

Indiana, Wisconsin, and — yes, even New York — are cited as national bi-partisan roll models in this Chicago Tribune editorial today about Illinois’ reluctance to enact needed fiscal reforms. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels — who a lot of people, including me, were hoping would run for president — gets glowing reviews for his work.  He has actually engineered a surplus in the […]

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