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Weiner’s ‘False Crime’ Conundrum

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jun• 01•11

Congressman Weiner is in a pickle.  And I don’t mean that to be metaphoric.  He is in an indefensible position.

The New York Post and others are demanding that he go to law enforcement to report the said “hacker” of his Twitter account — the one who Weiner says sent an explicit photo to a 21-year-old girl–and 40,000 other people–under his signature.  But Weiner cannot. Not if he’s guilty.

The problem is not that the FBI or Capitol Police would uncover evidence that Weiner sent the tweet himself — although they probably would — it’s that by going to law enforcement and reporting “a crime” he knows is false, Weiner would be committing a felony.  He  could go to jail. So, if he sent the tweet himself, there is no way he goes to the police or FBI.

Weiner’s only option under that scenario is to go to the wall and engage in the kind of crisis communications tactics we saw yesterday until the news cycle eventually blows over.  No one is praying for a major news event right now more than Anthony Weiner.

He may very well survive this as a congressman.  But his dreams of being mayor are all but over.  Not when headlines employing the word “creep” are associated with his name.  Not by a long shot.







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  1. Your Friend says:

    Apparently, it depends on what the meaning of send is…

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