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Delta Airlines’ PR Crisis

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jun• 08•11

It’s amazing how quickly a PR crisis can strike today. Here soldiers returning from Afghanistan are charged $200 for having an extra bag — carrying their weapons — on a Delta Airlines plane.  One would think there would be some flexibility at the gate.  But evidently there was not.

Too bad for Delta. That $200 per soldier baggage fee will cost Delta hundreds of thousands of dollars in crisis communications costs. A little common sense can go a long way.

UPDATE: Delta has graciously changed it’s baggage policy for soldiers.

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  1. Christopher Stephens says:

    You may want to check

    Turns out this may be a PR crisis, but Delta’s not actually the villain here.

  2. Tim Meadows says:

    Bill trashed lower wage Delta employees for following company policy. Pinhead or Prick I vote both

    • Mike says:

      Being a “lower wage Delta employee” doesn’t exempt you from having common sense. Any “lower wage Delta employee” with 1/2 a brain should have known to call a supervisor before charging a soldier coming home from a war zone $200 in baggage fees. If their supervisor okayed the charge he should be terminated. Now Delta has egg over it’s face. I guess common sense isn’t so common. Bill’s just telling it like it is….deal with it.

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