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Corporations ARE People

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Aug• 12•11


Typical Left-Wing Propagandizing of "Corporate America"

Mitt Romney is supposedly in hot water for uttering a plain truth while campaigning before a boisterous crowd in Iowa. The former Massachusetts governor was confronted by a corporate-bashing gaggle of young moaners yesterday and said: “…corporations are people, my friend.”

Damned straight.  Romney should stick to his guns on that remark.  He should take not a single step backwards.

The American Left has been allowed to bash “greedy corporate interests” for years without a modicum of push back.  The corporate straw man it has created is nameless, faceless, and amoral.  No mention is made that these companies employ tens of millions of Americans — hence, Romney’s “people” observation — and have provided our nation with the best lifestyle in world history with their greedy, selfish market research and competitive pricing philosophies. And they do it in a effort to — wait for it — make a profit. For shame!

 Count me in from time to time on some good Verizon or Chase bashing, but at the end of the day I know that’s just me bellyaching.  If I really didn’t like their services, I wouldn’t use them.  I am the victim of my own choices in this great country of ours. 

American corporations have led the nation forward in integrating the workplace, employee benefits, and establishing respectful work environments. Maybe what the Left doesn’t like about corporations is that they are largely union-free.  They manage to keep employees for the most part happy without being shaken down by a group of extortionists. 

Good for Romney. Good for the national debate. 


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  1. Perception says:

    Though Romney is correct, should he be the GOP nominee it will be used to perpetuate a perception that Romney sees GE as equal to Jane/Joe American. The 20% of people in the middle that will decide the election may be persuaded on such a perception, especially if the local factory shut down.

  2. Daniel Suib says:

    I agree with your concept Bill. I believe that the free market will determine those companies that should survive, and those that shouldn’t. People make their own decisions and should be held as accountable fro those decisions as the companies are. Hell, if people give Madoff their money, they deserver to be taken for all of it, with no payback expected. If people invest in Leaman Brothers, and they get so greedy that they start hedging their own money against what they are selling to their customers…so be it. Let them go down. “To Big To Fail”…who cares. Let the capitalistic markets level the playing fields with no regulation. Hell…corporations are people too. Until that is…AIG gets pulled under, along with the entire banking system, we wake up one morning and find no financial infa-structure to the country and can’t get our hard earned money from the bank we trusted to hold it. “SCREW IT”…I guess I deserved having my money stolen from me. I decided to use that bank in the first place. Who cares if I can’t pay the mortgage or rent or buy the food or pay for college or secure my retirement.

    Very slippery slope we are scaling here. Not sure what the answer is, but I’ll tell you one thing as a Real Estate Appraiser…it isn’t the Dodd-Frank Act. That needs to be repealed…for sure. Just my early-morning-first-cup-of- coffee-brain-still-waking-up…thoughts.

    • They are good ones, as always, Dan.

      • Daniel Suib says:

        Thanks Bud…I truly believe what you do in regards to “free market”. I just can’t get over the “less regulation” thing. You tell me the answer…please. I heard something great today…the TARP money, that was used for the first bank bail-out, which has been repaid with the interest should be re-invested again into the economy so that banks can make more loans. What do you think…?

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