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The Youth Vote, Part 67

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Sep• 18•11

I apologize for harping so much on the youth vote, but here is a new ad from the College National Republican Committee that rings irresistibly true.  It is playing on programming that appeals to the the under-30 age bracket on cable stations, including MTV and Comedy Central.  My gut says it will be explosively effective.

I remember hearing messaging that rang true in 1980 when Ronald Reagan ran for president. It stirred a ripple of conservatism through my generation after his election.  It was an electrifying revolution of optimism on the heels of the nihilistic 1970’s.   

I believe that a similar movement among young Americans is coming, based on the simple, accurate message articulated in this television ad.  But I do not believe that the movement will be personality driven — there is no figure today as singularly compelling as Reagan — nor, I fear, do I believe it will be so rooted in optimism.  This one, I think, might be angrier, pitting the generations against one another, more akin to what happened in the 1960’s — but this time with young people calling for more conservative governance. I do not see how such a conflict can be avoided really. 

America’s young people are being robbed.  In borrowing 42 cents on every dollar we spend, we  literally are stealing their futures away. Young people are slowly catching onto the gig, and when they fully realize it, they are going to mad. Justifiably so.  And we will be ashamed for what we have done to them. More justifiably still. 


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