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New Yorker of the Week, Charles Hermansen

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Dec• 27•11

Is it ever worth it to spite yourself to make a point? Charles Hermansen thinks it is. The Staten Island restaurateur permanently shuttered his eatery’s doors this week to protest what he believed to be constant harassment from the New York City Health Department, according to today’s New York Post.

Mr. Hermansen is now without an income-producing business, but he doesn’t have to take any more cr*p from the nit-picking inspectors. Fair trade?  It very well may be for the blissful satisfaction of figuratively flipping his tormentors the bird.  (Anyone want to make a bet that the former Italian restaurant owner will open another place, along with the jobs it produced, in New Jersey or elsewhere?)  

Charles Hermansen.  Maybe not the smartest businessman, but a principled one. Gotta love him.

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  1. Tony says:

    I went to eat there a few times. The food was terrible, took a long time for it to arrive at the table. I’m glad they are shut. Hope the new owner will have experience, unlike Charles. I also heard that Mr. Hermansen is a deadbeat dad!!!

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