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Election’s Over? Poppycock!

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Mar• 05•12

Eureka! This Race is Over!

It’s incredible how quickly we jump to conclusions in politics.  I do it all the time, and then prove myself an ass. Just read some back entries of this blog and that will be made clear.

The latest meme is that the 2012 election is but a foregone conclusion — that an admittedly strange Republican primary has handed the presidency back to Barack Obama.


President Obama is sitting at 48% in the national polls – he’s in worse shape in must-win swing states —  and those numbers represent his zenith so far this year. He has hovered consistently in the 44-48% range for two years.

It’s axiomatic by now that an incumbent under 50% is weak and that most undecided vote goes to the challenger, but still the mood among Republicans, including some very senior ones, is that this race is lost – despite Obamacare, despite a $16 trillion debt with more debt ceiling votes upcoming, despite rising gas prices, no federal budget, and deep suspicion for the President among many Jewish and Catholic voters.  Oh, Iran is about to go nuclear, too.

At some point in the foreseeable future, the Republican primary will be decided. A candidate, probably Mitt Romney, will emerge and the race will go on. It will be down to two candidates, and the focus again will be on Mr. Obama’s record.  What more could we possibly want to know about the Republican candidate?  Each of their DNA has been unraveled across the country.

At that point, this race will begin. And dollars to donuts tells me the Republican will win. I could be wrong there, but there’s no way this won’t be a race. 

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