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Obama’s bin Laden Brick

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 01•12

 I don’t know what President Obama was thinking. He was going to get credit again this week for the elimination of Osama bin Laden.  Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the terrorist’s death.  It’s not like the news media would have missed that milestone.

But the President and his team tried to squeeze too much juice out of the orange, and it exploded in their faces.  In the process, they have turned the bin Laden victory into a campaign negative.  That’s not easy to do. But with people like Ariana Huffington and Seal Team Six members joining Republicans in condemning the President and his campaign team for overtly politicizing the military action, Obama for America has a mini PR crisis on its hands.

The mistake was in making a political ad about the raid that attacked Mitt Romney. An ad itself would have raised eyebrows, but it would have been fair-ish game. Mr. Obama was President when the action took place.  He rightly gets credit as Commander in Chief. But in attacking Governor Romney in the spot, it crossed the line. 

The Obama campaign has been acting very strangely of late, though. And anyone who works in politics can tell you, unmistakably, what it suggests.  The President’s re-election team is scared.  Campaigns resort to hard and risky negatives only when they’re in trouble. But this ad probably only deepens the President’s challenge in November. The bin Laden issue, which should be his greatest strength, is now tainted for him. 

President Obama should have taken the easy layup this week.  He took a three pointer instead and it bricked. 


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