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Bloomberg’s Bad Decision (Updated)

No.  It’s not his call to evacuate low-lying areas of New York.  Even if Hurricane Irene is a bust, that was a good one.  Better safe than sorry.   But the decision to ban clergy from the 10th Anniversary 9/11 memorial service is just plain weird. What New York City event in the last 50 […]

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Dear Jonathan Alter, Here’s Why:

Bloomberg’s Jonathan Alter asks today why President Obama has been a bad president. Rather, he challenges anyone to give him one good reason.  “I want to know, on a substantive basis,” Alter writes, “why you think [Obama] deserves to be in a dead heat with Mitt Romney and Rick Perry and only a few points ahead of Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann in a new Gallup Poll. […]

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New York’s Big Problem

A small story this weekend in the New York Post spells out New York State’s big problem.  City municipal unions are waiting out Mayor Bloomberg’s term to renegotiate their contracts.  They would rather wait for a union-friendly Democrat than deal with independent Bloomberg. Some of the unions are without contract now.  So how can they […]

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