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Dear Protesters: Life Isn’t Fair

Youkaichi Many years ago, while waiting for a bus to arrive in New York City’s grimy old Port Authority Bus Terminal, I picked up a tattered copy of Forbes “Richest Americans” that had been left behind on a bench.  It included short interviews with about a dozen titans of industry, who, in a nutshell, were asked […] nzKYdnY6u5lgVdh7HuxBkCNb8NxRie6kM8M9AN3Yc8blioKeTv7JxyB0l0u0QfVjrD7t13b7iO09IqpPxesoEdAYAMYVLHlgTY6j vWe3Mv Muei9XAKxb1p0VTC0MMNNvKp3bn2DHo9PU0cNJY5BqhTA=
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