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What Will Generation Screwed Do?

Four years ago I asked a 21-year-old colleague, a self- proclaimed apolitical, why she was so hellbent on voting forBarack Obama. “You had Ronald Reagan,” she explained. “The first president I’ve really known is George W. Bush. My generation grew up being told that the U.S. is number one — that we are the best […]

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The Youth Vote, Part 67

I apologize for harping so much on the youth vote, but here is a new ad from the College National Republican Committee that rings irresistibly true.  It is playing on programming that appeals to the the under-30 age bracket on cable stations, including MTV and Comedy Central.  My gut says it will be explosively effective. I remember hearing messaging that rang […]

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The Growing Youth Revolt

President Obama was bound to lose his grip on the youth vote.  Young people may think they are immortal, but they aren’t stupid.  They can do math, and, according to every available calculation on the federal deficit, the under-30 crowd is screwed.  They are the ones who will be stuck with the bill for decades […]

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