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God vs. Government

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Dec• 29•10

Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg can no longer defend himself on the snow emergency story.  Not effectively anyway.  Attempts at self-defense are like quicksand now; they are seized upon by the political hyenas – mediocre career politicians stirring up discontent against one of the most competent mayors New York has ever known – and thrown back into the Mayor’s face.  The more he fights, the deeper he’ll sink.

The stories coming out of the boroughs are awful.  They hurt to read.  A newborn dies in a Crown Heights lobby because paramedics take nine hours to arrive.  A daughter is left with the body of her deceased father for nearly a day because the coroner can’t get through to claim his body. Emergency responses interminably delayed. These are tragedies and all New Yorkers feel them.

No one wants to hear that abandoned cars and buses clogged side streets, blocking access to plows.  But that’s what happened.  That, and nearly two feet of snow fell on the city in fewer than 24 hours. And it happened Christmas weekend, catching citizens off guard.

The recriminations are only beginning.  Once the snow is cleared, the hyenas will line up at City Hall for news conferences.  There will be hearings and community forums and hastily written bills.  And they will all say the same thing:  “It wasn’t me.  It was the Mayor’s fault.”  But no legislation can stop snow from falling again in whatever quantity nature decides.

Meanwhile, the blowhards blow, without a shovel in hand.  I have yet to see a single complaining politician become part of the solution.

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