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Kucinich’s Olive Blanch

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jan• 26•11

Kooky Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich has finally reached the pits — with his teeth.  The perennial presidential candidate is suing a Capitol Hill catering company for $150,000 after biting into an olive pit mistakenly included in a cafeteria  sandwich wrap.  From the injuries enumerated in his lawsuit (story link above), one would think he bit into a small hand grenade.

The congressman probably could get a whole new set of chompers for around 50 grand. The extra $100,000, evidently, is for “pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment.”

As a former waiter, I should caution Congressman Kucinich not to climb back on that sandwich line again.   Things worse than olive pits can end up in food.

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  1. Nick Viest says:

    Not being an olive lover I have a hard time relating to Mr. Kucinich’s travails. But I do smell a conspiracy. There are probably at least 100 Congessmen/women who might have stuffed that sandwich with an olive pit if only to put an end to his constant whinging.

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