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Brother Can You Spare a Drop?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Mar• 04•11

It really is no fun to fly anymore.

The ride itself is okay; I’m not even bothered by the security screenings; it’s the rip-off factor that ruins it for me.

The moment you get to the check-in counter you begin to feel cheated. My brother and I checked two tiny bags this morning¬† — a pocket knife and some fishing lures rendered them illegal to carry on — and a plastic tube for fishing rods. The extra cost? $85.

Once on the flight, we were offered “free” headsets. But to watch the TV, you’d have to swipe a credit card ($6.) But wait, you can get $2 off if you use the Chase Continental Airlines MasterCard, which probably charges you 25% in interest.

The pilot announced no electronic devices — even in airplane mode — as soon as the doors closed. But when everyone started using them anyway, and the stewardesses said nothing, it became apparent that the announcement was designed to lure more passengers into becoming $6 television watchers. (At the end of the flight, the pilot announced that all electronic devices would have to be turned off. Hmm.)

And then the peanut cart. Visa or MasterCard. No cash.

I did get a free cup of coffee, though.¬† I asked that it be poured right into my travel mug; why waste a styrofoam cup? No-can-do. Company policy. The airline will pour coffee into a six-ounce cup and hand it to you; you can then pour it into your mug. Wouldn’t want to pour any extra by mistake.

Brother can you spare a drop?

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  1. Me says:

    I believe they prefer the term “flight attendant,” Mr. O:-) Have a fabulous time!!!!!!!!!!!

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