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Godspeed, John Foreman

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Mar• 08•11

John Foreman, the father of a five-year-boy murdered and cannibalized in 1975 is vowing to hunt down and kill his son’s murderer if the man is released from prison next month as scheduled. The heartbreaking story on the MSNBC website already has around 2,500 comments, 2,499 of them offers to help. As much as I’d like to be better than this, all I can say is Godspeed, Mr. Foreman.  If you need a place to hide out, give me a shout.


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  1. Your Friend says:

    I thought you said you were NOT an anarchist? You can’t cherry-pick how the judicial system works, to do so is an invitation to anarchy. Either you believe in the rule of law and you allow the system to do its work, or you do not and you embrace anarchy. There is an obvious gray area where one can say, “I don’t believe in this decision.” Citizens United would be my choice for a decision to protest, due to the simple fact that I don’t believe Sanyo deserves the same rights of free speech as you and me. Call me crazy. But what I am not doing in my opposition to the CU decision, is taking the law into my own hands. We may admire a man who wants to do so, but in my humble opinion we should admire him silently.

    • I very much respect the law. And Mr. Foreman will be breaking it if he takes revenge. He rightfully will have to serve a jail term for it, and it will be worth it to him.

  2. Nick says:

    This passage from Matthew 18 v6 seems appropriate.

    “But whosover shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

    King James Version

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