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Biden Out in 2012?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Mar• 24•11

Fast Tube by Casper

The Obama Administration has done a good job muzzling gaffe-prone Vice President Joe Biden lately. But there is an entire menu of Bidenisms and Biden statements available online for political exploitation. And God only knows what he might say tonight or tomorrow.

The video above features then Senator Biden promising an impeachment vote if a President were to engage in miltary action without the prior approval of Congress.  It’s making its rounds today for obvious reasons.

I’ve been wondering of late if Biden will remain President Obama’s ticket mate in 2012.  I personally like Biden — I get a genuine kick out of him — but I don’t see what he adds to the ticket.  His home state of Delaware is not a swing-state, and whatever gravitas he was supposed to have added to the Obama ’08 ticket has been milked dry.

The reason to keep Biden, I would argue, is to keep the ticket stable — to show no sign of political concern. But President Obama will need to win swing Midwestern states like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana to get re-elected.  It might make more sense to bring out of retirement Indiana Governor Evan Bayh, or, if there is a problem with female voters, to go with a Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State.  Even a pro-oil Democratic governor like Montana’s Brian Schweitzer could be interesting.

Vice President Biden is an affable man, but the Administration cannot let him out in public. Is that really the ticket mate Mr. Obama needs?

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