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Deconstructing Obama

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Apr• 18•11

If the book, Deconstructing Obama, is half as devastating as this review suggests, it is going to sell quite a few copies in the next year.  The book, according to this review,  directly calls into question the President’s honesty, specifically challenging Mr. Obama’s repeat assertion that he wrote his own memoirs.

Deconstructing Obama author  Jack Cashill suggests it was Bill Ayers who penned the Obama books, the former Weather Underground leader.  The President’s personal bio is challenged as well.

All very controversial.  All potentially devastating.  All very well-timed by the publisher.


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One Comment

  1. Me says:

    Maybe we should be deconstructing Jack Cashill instead:

    Or, better yet, just ignoring him. Just when you think we’ve plumbed the depths of twisted information…

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