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$50,462? I Call Bullsh*t!

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 03•11

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Mark Twain said there are three kinds of lies: “liesdamned lies, and statistics.”

I’m not sure into which category the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) starting salary statistics for Spring 2011 college graduates will fall, but I am increasingly convinced, based on a flurry of emails I just received, that they rest squarely in one of those ignominious baskets. (Please see previous item.)

I therefore officially challenge NACE to release the methodology used in determining that the  average salary offer to all Class of 2011 graduates” is $50,462. I do not believe that figure, and I ask that NACE back it up. I will formally apologize if I am proved wrong.

If you are dubious about NACE’s starting-salary figure, please re-tweet or “like” this post. Lies, damned lies, and statistics need to be challenged.



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