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San Franciso Penises

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 23•11

"You're Going to What?"

This little snippet out of the Golden Gate City…

It seems San Francisco voters don’t have enough to worry about these days.  Their state is $26 billion in the hole, businesses are fleeing while Governor Brown is raising taxes, parks are being shut down just in time for the summer season, and tens of thousands of state prison inmates are about to be let loose on the general population, the actual general population.

So what  are San Franciso voters being asked to focus on?  Penises.  Yes, penises — whether or not circumcision should remain legal in the city

The whole Judaism thing is irrelevant the initiative’s creator explains, “A lot of Jews have been turned away from their culture and their religion just because of this issue,” he reports.  By keeping wee ones off the chopping blocks, in other words, he is really doing one of the world’s oldest religions a favor. What a mensche.

The ballot initiative is par for the course in a city that last year focused its attention on another matter of pressing significance in banning “Happy Meals.”   That is, it prohibited fast-food restaurants from giving away toys with meals, unless those meals meet the local politburo’s nutritional set of standards.

Phew!  Those toys were a real public hazard. Kids might have actually played with them. Can you imagine?

I have to ask this question again today.  “What on earth is going on with California?”

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