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Amateur Hour in NY Marriage Campaign

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 26•11

The gay marriage issue is coming to a quick boil in New York State, with both sides of the issue establishing firm battle lines.

I wrote some weeks ago about the masterful campaign being run by the pro-gay-marriage side.  Marriage equality advocates had been making compelling arguments to the mainstream, without coming across as strident.  It was exactly the touch needed in a state that could go either way on the issue.

Now, sadly, angry amateurs are getting involved.   This weekend some of them are hosting a “F*ck Ruben Diaz Festival” in Brooklyn (Rev. Diaz is a Democratic state senator opposed to gay marriage.) It is utterly stupid and counterproductive. Pro-gay-marriage advocates should give freelancers like these a stern talking-to as soon as possible, before they blow a brilliant, half-year persuasion campaign.

Exclusive heterosexual marriage has been a bedrock institution for thousands of years.  Those defending it — or unsure of where they stand on the issue — should not be ridiculed.  They should be respectfully approached, just like they had been for months.  One whiff of rage will send prospective gay marriage converts right back over the fence.

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