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FBI Needed on Weinergate

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 31•11

I am loath to write more about the silly Anthony Weiner situation — I could care less whether he Tweeted racy pictures of himself or not — but in accusing political enemies of hacking his account in an attempt to “distract” him from his good work in Washington, the Brooklyn congressman and his staff have elevated this weekend’s controversy to a legitimate issue of public concern.

If a political enemy of the congressman is Tweeting obscene photographs under his name, then the FBI has an obligation to look into the matter. This is a member of the United States Congress we are talking about. Hacking his account would be a serious matter.

But Weiner doesn’t want law enforcement involved. That’s curious. Why would he not?

Accusations brought by Congressman Weiner, his staff, and supporters demand an inquiry by law enforcement.  A quick forensic analysis of his account and computer should identity from where the tweet in question emanated.


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