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Who’s Your Daddy?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jun• 15•11


Scary study out of Pew Research today, if you haven’t seen it, just in time for Father’s Day.

Almost half of all fathers in America under the age of 45 have at least one child out of wedlock in America today.  That’s a startling figure — almost as startling as recent New York City Health Department statistics showing that 41% of all pregnancies in New York are now aborted; more than 60% of African-American pregnancies.  Those statistics surely have something to do with fathers skee-daddling at the first sight of a pregnancy test.  What’s even scarier, according the study, is that the trend against marriage is growing.  The institution is waning dangerously throughout Western civilization.  It’s all the more ironic then that the major issue of the day in New York State is extending marriage to same-sex couples. At least one segment of the population understands its significance.


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  1. Your Friend says:

    So, definitely we want to continue the psychotic trend of de-funding Planned Parenthood, one of the only organizations in the country that actually teaches people how to use birth control. Where are the conservatives who should stand up and call this trend stupid?

  2. Me says:

    Did you not notice the disclaimer at the top?

    Author’s Note: I made a serious error in reporting this column that undermines the conclusion I drew. I compared statistics on contraceptive use from a January 2011 Guttmacher Institute fact sheet to a year 2000 study on the same issue. However, I did not realize that the 2011 fact sheet derived its statistics from the year 2000 numbers, so my argument was not supported by the data. I am deeply sorry for the error, which invalidates my piece.

  3. Your Friend says:

    Oh my! Thanks for the laugh. Priceless.

    Now Billy, I realize you consult for the conservative side of the aisle, but throwing terms like “abortion mill” around is not doing you or your clients any favors, especially since you live and work in the liberal leaning northeast. Everyone on the dark side of the aisle hates Bill Clinton, it’s required dogma, but no American politician has put the issue in better context: abortion should be legal, safe and rare. Working with Planned Parenthood will help achieve all three, working to close them will take us back to poor women and coat hangers. You need to find your conscience on this.

  4. Your Friend says:

    I’m glad you’re busy. It always beats the alternative. You’re completely wrong about PP, but are you seriously suggesting that abortion should be illegal? I’m sure you read The Cider House Rules. What message did you take from it? That it’s good to be an orphan? PP has been around for 90 years. The goals and the ideas are still the same. Planning your parenthood so that you don’t need an abortion. In a country where abortion is legal, it represents the last option for someone with an unwanted pregnancy. You’re on the record supporting gay marriage, for which I truly applaud you. Are you willing to go on the record saying that abortion should be illegal, in all cases, including incest and rape? Powerful members of your party have said that. Do you agree with them?

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