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Get Off Your Ass!

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jun• 16•11

*NY Mag

Did the sexual revolution somehow get misinterpreted by men on trains? Or is it just being used as an excuse to be selfish?

I am constantly amazed at how many men today pretend not to see women standing while they are sitting — not just young women, but older ladies and pregnant women as well. I am fraternally ashamed whenever I see such indignity, which is virtually every day.

But the absolute worst thing I see — like I did today — is men burying their eyes in newspapers or IPhones while women with small children are standing. It is unforgivable; any able-bodied man under the age of 65 doing that should be pulled off the train and beaten by a mob.

National debt, unfunded pension obligations, failing schools — we will survive all those things.  But not the loss of basic manners.  They are the guidebook for daily living.

It’s not patronizing to give your seat to an expecting mother. It’s a common courtesy. And it’s supposed to be automatic.  That goes for you, too — yes you reading The New York Post upside down. Have some dignity, man!


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  1. Me says:

    You go, boy! Just as women should get up for someone who is elderly/pregnant/juggling wee bairn. I’ll never forget the man who helped me on the Acela coming back from D.C. I was traveling alone with the kidlets when they were younger, and he helped me put our suitcases in the overhead compartment. That train stops for approx. 3.5 seconds at each stop, so I was growing increasingly anxious as we got closer to New Haven. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m kinda short–and growing shorter by the minute. As I started to get the kids ready to get off the train (preferably without Katie slipping into the yawning gap between train and platform), this same man walked down the aisle and took down our luggage for us. I told him that he might think it was a really small gesture but that I had been worrying about that moment for two weeks. (And, as you well know, I meant it!)

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