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Great News Out of the FBI

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jun• 16•11


Despite what the Michael Moore’s of the world want us to think about our country, the U.S. remains the most successful experiment in cross-cultural brotherly love in history.  Centuries of the most deeply ingrained hatreds and resentments are shed like old garments upon reaching our shores, with seeming effortlessness.  That is as true today as it was 100 and 200 years ago.  The American experiment is nothing short of miraculous in this regard.

Politics Daily cites today a new FBI report showing that hate crimes are at a 15-year low in America — in the middle of the worst economic crisis in 80 years.  Millions are Americans are unemployed; families are losing homes, and still, we do not turn on one another.  (One striking statistic, though. Seventy percent of reported hate crimes in America are against Jews.)

It is an amazing thing to watch sworn enemies — Hatfields and McCoys from more than 100 nations — instantly abandon their feuds upon arriving here.  Protestant and Catholic Irish live in perfect harmony here — they don’t even think about it — as do Sunnis and Shias and Croats and Serbs. That is because we cease being what we used to be when we arrive here.  We become Americans.  As corny as that may sound, it is true. If anyone needs proof of American exceptionalism, they need only stroll new immigrant sections of Brooklyn to see it.

This may be the best news out of the FBI since Dillinger was captured.

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  1. Me says:

    Oh, how sweet, I see the girls gave you an early Father’s Day present! Just promise me you won’t try to drive in those rose-colored glasses; they’re infamous for really distorting the view…

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