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Cuomo Democrats? II

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jun• 29•11

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I can’t help but revive this item from a few months back on the potential of Andrew Cuomo launching a new strain in the Democratic Party. “The Cuomo Democrats” the piece was called.

Cuomo, Quinnipiac just announced, is at present time, the most popular governor in America.  His trick?  He is a fiscally conservative Democrat executive — for now — which means he has thus far resisted union overtures to join their stable of lackeys. Other Democratic executives are sure to notice this model, but do they dare emulate it? (Blue Dog legislators haven’t fared well.)

It is yet to be seen if Cuomo remains fiscally responsible. The tug of the labor unions is politically gravitational. He may feel it necessary to bend in years two, three, or four as national ambitions supersede state concerns.

But for now, Cuomo is flying high among New York voters because of his combination of social progressivism and fiscal conservatism. Or maybe it’s his  demonstrated ability to get things done. He has broken the stasis in Albany.

I am delighted that the governor’s number are high. I hope they climb higher still. Because the stronger his numbers, the more likely it will be that other Democrats drink the juice.


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