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David Brooks Deconstructed

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 06•11

I generally like David Brooks.  He is an independent thinker. But occasionally one gets the feeling he has been hanging out too much with his newspaper’s editorial board.  His perspective swings suddenly and wildly. He stops trying to persuade his New York Times audience and throws himself into its arms instead, saying: “You see.  I’m not one of those crazy right-wingers.  I’m just like you!”

Brook’s piece over the weekend about today’s Republican Party not being “normal” for wanting to reduce spending in the country — while not raising taxes — is a case in point. Brooks seems to relish penning pre-packaged talking points that will be regurgitated by liberal talk show hosts 10,000 times between today and November 2012: “Even conservative columnist David Brooks says the Republican Party is not normal!”

Guy Benson in Townhall today takes the time to deconstruct Brooks’s column and does a right fine job doing it. He points out and challenges Brooks’s erroneous statements and inconsistencies one by one, leaving little of Brooks’s rant standing.

It must be a difficult thing writing for The New York Times editorial page from the political Right.  The majority of your readers will not like you. If that is too much for Brooks to endure, there are plenty of other talented writers willing to take his place. 

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