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One Jobs Plan Coming Up…

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Aug• 29•11


Just before President Obama left for his Martha’s Vineyard vacation  — immediately following his media-maligned mid-west bus tour — President Obama announced that he would be delivering a “jobs plan” upon his return to work in September.  The timing of the announcement clearly was orchestrated to ease the sting on the vacation news narrative, i.e.,:  Millions of Americans Out of Work; Obama Goes to the Beach.

I can hear the conversation between aides: “We’re going to get killed on this.” 

“Tell ’em we’ll be giving them a jobs plan.” 

The Hill points out today in a long story about the myriad challenges facing the President, that maybe that decision was not such a good one.  Giving the news media weeks to speculate on what such a jobs plan might entail will virtually ensure that it falls flat. No doubt Team Obama is wrestling with that now. “Is there a single surprise we can add? Anything.” As a result, things will only be reported as missing from the plan. 

At the same time, the long notice will guarantee that Republicans in Congress will be ready to up the ante on anything the President proposes. 

The Obama Team used to be so good at this…



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