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California, Bon Voyage

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Sep• 21•11

Disaster enthusiasts have long predicted that the San Andreas Fault would one day sever California from the U.S. mainland.

Too late.  It has already happened, and it didn’t take an earthquake to do it.  Stoned radicals – they just have to be – have accomplished what the earth’s crust has long resisted.  

West Hollywood, CA is the latest municipality to shove off the Arizona coastline with a legal ban of all animal hair products sold or purchased in its environs.  Fur is the headline, but wool, angora, and all other animal-based fabrics are now contraband, too.  A thick Irish knit sweater will put you in the West Hollywood klinker for life.  God only knows what using silk from silkworms would get you.

I’m not a fan of fur, so I choose to forgo that full length sable coat that would look right-smart on me.  I voluntarily stopped eating swordfish for a while, and I haven’t had veal in years.  But leave it to the California crazies to do something like this.  Even the Soviets didn’t ban fur and wool – especially fur.

California has a LOT of problems.  And new laws like this one – or the ones banning circumcisions and happy meals – eerily remind me of Poe’s Masque of the Red Death. Instead of a grand dance in the face of Bubonic Plaque, though, California’s leftists are trying to drive through as much  radically liberal legislation as they can before the state’s lights shut out.

Starring Jerry Brown as governor?  This could be a bigger hit than the Poseidon Adventure in Sensearound.

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  1. Your Friend says:

    Not every stupid idea is a liberal idea. This is just stupid bureaucracy. Plenty of that on both sides of the aisle. This article is right up your alley…

    • I agree. We have our boneheaded days, too. I did see that Justice Dept. story. Almost wrote on it, but I figured the hotels just ripped them off really badly. (And I don’t want justice on my *ss.)

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