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Moore and More Audacious

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Sep• 26•11


The Michael Moore Mask,

Michael Moore is one of the great con artists of our time.

The ostensible champion of the downtrodden has been raking it in for years, cleverly disguising the fact that his socialistic words have made him capitally rich. Maybe it’s the baseball hat and sloven look that lets him get away with it. Or maybe the poets on the Left are just plain stupid. 

It is estimated that Moore is worth well in excess of $50 million. He got rich bashing corporate America, while simultaneously investing in companies like Halliburton, Sunoco, Pfizer, and McDonald’s, according to published reports — the punching bags of the American Left.

But, characteristically, that didn’t stop Moore from joining the Wall Street demonstrators today to steal a piece of the media attention they are generating. There he was in all his hyped-up glory hammering away at corporate greed in John Zuccoti Park, while being cheered by starry-eyed Scarsdale radicals.  If one ever needed proof that you can’t buy common sense at fancy East Coast colleges, the Wall Street protesters provided it today in falling for Moore’s exhausted act.

Moore has done interview after interview this year lambasting the “wealthy” for not sharing their largess. Let it begin with thee, he angrily suggests.

But if Michael Moore cares so deeply about the poor, why doesn’t he give them his money? And why does he keep trying to make more of the stuff investing in companies he says are exploiting the poor?

The answer is simple and obvious. Moore is a capitalist and a fraud. Especially a fraud. He should be given a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. He’d be right at home. 

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