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No Guts No Glory, Gov.

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Sep• 28•11

North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue (D)

In the first few days of this site’s existence, I penned a short piece entitled “Hark the Brave Politician”  to celebrate the courage certain politicians like Chris Christie (R), Andrew Cuomo (D), and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino (R) were — and are — demonstrating in putting their country before their electoral ambitions by addressing third-rail issues. They are willing to lose re-election to do what is necessary. 

Then, yesterday, we hear North Carolina Governor Beverly Purdue (D) calling for a suspension of elections to let elected officials do the right thing.  Purdue immediately backpedaled, saying her remarks were a joke, but The Daily Caller today proves otherwise, with this audio tape of her speech where she made the remark.  It is clear that Governor Purdue meant what she said. 

The message is extraordinary in its cowardice.   Elections should be cancelled so that politicians can do the right thing, Purdue is suggesting — so that they can do what they were elected to do. In other words, we’re willing to charge the hill, but only if a cease fire is declared first. 

Democracies don’t work that way. No guts no glory, Governor.  

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