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Cain’s Dilemna

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Oct• 31•11

Herman Cain has a big problem. 

The sexual harassment allegations against him — indeed “five-figure” settlements paid out to two former employees — will in all likelihood destroy his presidential bid, and there is little Mr. Cain can do about it. 

If Mr. Cain defends himself in any detail, he will violate a gag order issued at the time of the settlement. And if he acknowledges any misbehavior, he will be permanently scarred as a candidate.   Either way, this will be all anyone talks about when discussing Herman Cain for a long time.  This story, as they say, has legs. 

What’s a real shame is that Mr. Cain may, in fact, have had a good defense.  Maybe he was being shaken down by disgruntled employees. But he settled — for not a lot of money by legal standards by the way — so he is guilty in the court of public opinion regardless.  If someone accuses you of something and you pay them to go away, what else can you expect impartial third parties to believe? 

Mr. Cain really needed to have this addressed before running for president, but for the umpteenth time, we see a candidate and a campaign hoping something doesn’t come up.  Legal records always do, and the campaign needed to be prepared for the eventuality. 

What a nightmare for a very interesting candidacy.  Mr. Cain has clearly struck a chord with a lot of American voters, and he has infuriated the Left with his refusal to play the victim at the hands of his race.  One can only hope some information exonerating him will come to light, but in its absence, this campaign will have great difficulty advancing. The only people who can save him now are his two accusers. And they’re not talking. 

P.S.  How did this not come up in Mr. Cain’s 2004 U.S. Senate race?

 UPDATE: Cain is laying it all on the line, issuing a categorical denial of the alleged incident(s).  One would think the terms of that gag order are now in tatters.  The big question now is whether his accusers will speak as a result.  


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