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The Real Question About Mr. Cain’s Libya Interview

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Nov• 15•11

Herman Cain is clearly talking nonsense about U.S. policy toward Libya during this much-criticized Milwaukee Sentinel interview this week. But the greater question is what on earth was Mr. Cain doing in Wisconsin in November?

Wisconsin doesn’t hold its Republican primary until April (It has caucus meetings in February, but still…). The GOP nomination race could be all but wrapped up by April. So why Wisconsin now? Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and money-and media-capital New York City are where serious Republican candidates for president are living today.

Mr. Cain has been accused of using the presidential primary as a vehicle to move sales of his latest book, This is Herman Cain!; My Journey to the White House. His campaign has denied that, of course, even while scheduling trips to city after city in late primary states.  And now he gets tripped up at a Milwaukee editorial board.  In November. Go figure. 

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