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Is Voting the Next Big Fight Over Illegal Immigration?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Dec• 14•11

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano is asking the Connecticut state legsilature to allow illegal immigrants to vote in his city’s municipal elections. I would be shocked if a Republican presidential campaign didn’t have a news release out on this before I can press “publish” on this blog item. Mitt Romney should not miss this opportunity. 

I would also be surprised if the far left did not embrace this cause in an attempt to gradually break down the walls between citizens and non-citizens, just as domestic partnerships were used to lead to gay marriage.  

We all remember the fight over driver licenses for illegal/undocumented immigrants; it was the issue that first tripped up Hillary Clinton on a presidential primary stage. That would be nothing, I would think, compared to the uproar that would occur over non-citizen voting legislation. 

Republicans should jump all over it.  And President Obama should shoot down the notion as fast as he possibly can. Will be interesting to see. 


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