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Our Moral Obligation to Iraq

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Dec• 15•11

The U.S. war in Iraq formally ended today, but hostilities will continue in that nation for years to come. Neighboring Shiite Iran will make sure of that.

Needless to say, Americans are overjoyed at getting so many of its sons and daughters back for Chanukah and Christmas. Whether one supported the war or not, our soldiers made us proud.  They did everything they were asked to do, and they removed one of the cruelest tyrants in history.

No matter our economic situation here at home — no matter how quickly the American public forgets about that war torn nation — we have an obligation moving forward to do whatever we can to see Iraq thrive as a free nation. Iraq is our ally now. If it needs help fending off encroachment from Iranian-directed militias, we need to provide it in whatever way we can. If it needs partners for economic projects, we should be the first in line. 

The utter abandonment of the South Vietnamese in 1975 is a black mark on our history. We promised the free Vietnamese arms aid after we left, and then turned our backs on them. What occurred in the years immediately following was unforgivable.

This congress must not do to free Iraqis what the post-Vietnam War congress did to the free Vietnamese, no matter what we have to do without here at home. There is no price tag on honor; there is a heavy price for relinquishing it. 

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