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Who’s Parenting Our Children?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jan• 15•12

U.S. education bureaucrats have gone mad. And parents like me are letting them get away with it. 

The New York Post reports today that school officials on Long Island and elsewhere are now placing electronic devices on children they deem “overweight” to monitor the children’s physical activities. They are doing it without even asking the permission of parents. If I wasn’t so busy watching kids and running errands today, I might chain myself to the Education Department’s doors.

That’s the problem.  While we are all busy living our lives, health and school are officials are walking farther and farther over their lines of authority.  Every time they get away with it, they are emboldened to take another step. Parents, myself included, let it happen and, in the process, hand more leash to “the professionals” each year.

The New York City, Department of Education ideologues are implementing a mandatory sex ed program that includes sending middle-schoolers to drug stores to catalogue condom brands and types. Other homework assignments will include sending kids to abortion clinics to request a list of services, and mapping out the route between school — not the students’ homes — and the clinic. Not a single public hearing — not one —  has been held to inform parents about the new curriculum.

Strapping obesity monitors on children and cataloging condoms may be fine with a lot of parents, but I bet it’s not okay with many more.  The larger issue, though, is who is giving U.S. educational “professionals” the chutzpah to so freely cross these lines. The answer, sadly, is we are.  Too many us who disagree with what’s happening let it go on every day without a fight.  I am the guiltiest among us. 

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  1. Daniel Suib says:

    It’s not o.k. with me! I’ll be the parental monitor for my chidlren thank you.

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