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The Matter of Media Matters

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Feb• 22•12

Jeffrey Lord provocatively asks today if Media Matters is President Obama’s Watergate in a piece penned for American Spectator.  I’ve been half living under a rock lately, so I was unfamiliar with the issue, despite seeing Daily Caller publisher Tucker Carlson mention it on Hannity last night. In both cases, I could not easily figure out what either was writing/talking about.

Media Matters may or may not be the President’s Watergate, but if it were to be, it would need to be explained more simply. Americans, including this one, are too busy to follow conspiracy trails. Correct me if I’m wrong.  Is this the core of the matter: The White House paid people with political money to spy on Fox News reporters?

If it is, that’s bad. Whoever is making this charge should just say that. Or am I missing something? 

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