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And the Oscar Goes to…Who Cares?.

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Feb• 27•12

Is it me or have the Academy Awards completely lost their relevancy? I fully admit it might be me.

It’s 9:00 am the day after the Oscars and I still don’t know — or care — who won what. I don’t even know who or what was nominated. For real. Not a clue. And I have zero interest in finding out.

I’m thinking it may be the stage I am at in life — raising kids, working a lot, busy panicking about the future — but then again, I think the Academy Awards might have something to do with it, too.

Because let’s face it, American film companies mostly make garbage now. Movies are dumbed down to imbecillic levels. Hollywood celebrities have become nauseatingly political — I would sooner saw off my head than enrich actors like Sean Penn or Matt Damon — and Oscars haven’t been awarded on merit for years. The system is rigged.

For most of the aughts, I studiously boycotted the Oscars. But, beginning last night, I broke new ground: I became utterly¬†indifferent to them. To quote a great old American movie line, “they fill me with inertia.”

I’m kind of curious how Billy Crystal did, though. If someone could fill me in on that I’d appreciate it. (He was hosting, right?)

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  1. Pugs says:

    I was in the Atlanta airport terminal watching CNN Headline news yesterday in between stop 1 of a 2 stop/connection trip back to Boston…end of family vacation. They were highlighting/predicting winners…I sez to myself, “whoa…the Oscars are tonight?”…and then they said, “host Billy Crystal…” and I sez…”whoa…he’s STILL alive??!!” Well…maybe just his career is dead. There is a saying out there that I think applies…”who gives a f’…who gives a sh**” Now, don’t get me started on the start of our vacation…and seeing the live coverage of W Houston’s funeral…amount of time , energy, resources devoted to that circus is truly pathetic and symbolizes a lot of what is wrong with us as a society.

  2. Me says:

    Are we calling him Bill Crystal now?

    And did you just say “aughts”??!


  3. Ann Meschery says:

    Be sure to read the editorial by Frank Bruni in the New York Times on February 24 for insight on why inertia is in abundance both for the Oscar race and the Republican primary. It suggests that Mitt Romney needs Harvey Weinstein.

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