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Going Negative on Hank

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Feb• 27•12

If you haven’t heard — and I hadn’t until reading Liz Benjamin’s State of Politics blog tonight — a cat named Hank is running for the United States Senate from Virginia. His first TV spot is embedded above. 

Cute. Right?  


Cats are: 



People hating;


Asthma Causing, and 


They tear up furniture with their nails, too, and pee on walls. If they do that with their houses, can you imagine the damage they could do in the House of Representatives? And can we really trust a cat? I don’t think so. 

If there are any dogs thinking of jumping in the race, call me. I’m putting together a book on Hank. 

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  1. erika hauschildt roberts says:

    WHOOOOOOPS,I liked this by mistake!!!!!! I like cats AND dogs. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet figured out how to UNlike. SAT (Sorry About That).

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