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A Glimpse of Bad Andrew

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Apr• 16•12


Illustration by Jack Unruh


Not a stellar morning for Governor Cuomo.  Ben Smith of Buzzfeed reports that his office has compiled a hit dossier on at least one of New York State’s top  political reporters, Liz Benjamin of YNN. Mr. Cuomo’s office reportedly brought the document to Ms. Benjamin’s bosses, not in a good way presumably. Mr. Cuomo’s press office denied that it keeps similar dossiers on other members of the news media, but it would seem strange, to me anyway, that Liz Benjamin was singled out. 

This is the stuff that can badly damage an administration. Andrew Cuomo has done a terrific job rehabilitating his image after appearing vindictive and mean-spirited in an earlier gubernatorial run. He ought to be careful to resist the paranoia instinct that has taken down lesser administrations.  Besides, never pick a fight with a person who buys his ink by the barrel, right? 


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