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Romney the Extreme Moderate

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Apr• 24•12

The Obama campaign has worked for more than a year to position Mitt Romney as a moderate who would sacrifice his principles to win the Republican presidential primary. Indeed, Mr. Romney has been disparaged from every political direction as being a…God-forbid…centrist, so much so that that perception is now axiomatic. Ask a voter anywhere to use three words to describe the former Massachusetts governor and chances are that one of those words will be “moderate.”  

But now that Mr. Romney has the Republication nomination effectively locked up, the Democrats preposterously are trying to label him an “extremist,” as they do of all Republicans these days.  Alana Goodman of Commentary has a good piece on this today. 

But will voters believe that? Will anyone belief that Mitt Romney has become a right-wing fanatic? I think not. 

All the attacks from the Left and the Right have branded Herr Romney exactly where he needs to be– just to the right of the middle.  That’s where most American voters are. And who does Mr. Romney have to thank for his ideal positioning? All of the above, but especially the Obama campaign.  It has spent millions on the effort. Much appreciated. 

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