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The Week’s Funniest Read

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 06•12

I was really planning to write something original this morning, but National Review’s Mark Steyn again got in the way.  He is the funniest political writer in America today, although I don’t know if his humor translates to readers on the political left. (I’m curious for feedback on that.)

His latest columnComposite Americans, tackles Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s dubious claims to Indianhood; Barack Obama’s “composite girlfriend” so individually described in Dreams of My Father, the bizarre socialist campaign creation “Julia“, and the Left’s new argument that political conservatives are the result of a widespread brain  neuropathy. Having topics likes those in the news is akin to putting Mr. Steyn in a tee ball batting cage. 

It’s sure fun reading him hit them out of the park. 

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  1. Charmian Neary says:

    So why didn’t you throw any of these lines on facebook or even here on your blog?
    This is inspired.
    I believe direct descendants of slaves are owed some kind of consideration in America. The way Black Americans were treated and too often are treated is a national disgrace. Beyond that this is all nonsense.
    I remember when applying for graduate school a friend of mine, whose Polish Jewish great grandparents moved to Argentina, applied as Latino or whatever and got a 3/4 scholarship. So did her blond green eyed sister – to Columbia Teachers College. Both women were born here and being that they were tall, beautiful and NCAA athletes, the only special attention they got was positive. But NYU and Columbia wanted the numbers.

  2. William J Ryan says:

    The notion of race has no scientific legitimacy and its mis-use is only divisive. Steyn points this (mis-use) out with humor.
    Less humorous are his ill-informed missives about the coming demographic destruction of Christian Europe by a demographic tide of Islamic radicals that almost seem to legitimize (I am sure unintentionally) ethnic cleansing.
    Finally, he is Canadian. I hate them.
    Just kidding, I think.

  3. Pugsley says:

    Bill…if he is hitting it out of the park…I submit you have the most in the park home runs…

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